The best Japanese escort in Bogota

If there is a name for "Japanese Goddess In Bed" it has to be Akira!

Welcome to Akira Delights, where erotic passion takes the front seat! Men have fantasies galore from having splendid sex with bisexual women to spending vacations in the arms of a high class escorts who can give them what they desire! However, one of the most cultivated and discreet of these sexual fantasies is to spend some steamy nights with a voluptuous - yet classy - escort.

Japanese women, as escorts, are always held in high regard abroad, especially because of their regal taste in the fine entities of life as well as their lithe and supple figures. Bogota is no exception either, and Asian escorts have been on the priority list of the most discerning of gentlemen.

I happen to be among the best of this elite escort group, providing company to the most exquisite of men who have been equally pleased with the experience as me. Are you eager to know more?

Asian Heritage

I am am proud of my Asian roots. I am a mixed Japanese and Thai lady who was born in Japan where I initially lived for several years. Later my family moved to Thailand, where I spent my teenage years. My family moved to south west England when I was 17. 3 years ago I moved to Bogota to take up a nursing role and I love it here!

Exclusive Independent Bogota Escort

I prefer to limit my work as an independent escort so I can focus providing an exclusive service for the discerning gentleman. Working as independent lady allows me this freedom.

I will rarely book two appointments on the same day and this means my clients know I provide an unrushed service, devoted to their time and every need. Asian escorts are often in demand and have to rush their services, but you can be relaxed in the knowledge that this won't happen with me.

Unfortunately this does mean I may not always be available! Don't worry because you can always book my escort services in advance and if you can't wait then there are plenty of Bogota escort agencies and other Independent Escorts in Bogota for you to choose from!

Better than the usual Asian Escorts in Bogota

As well as knowing that a liaison with me will be relaxed and unrushed, clients can be assured that my photo's are genuine. Here's some other details to get your pulse racing.

  • 25 years old and ripe, with a curvaceous 5’ 3” hot-body and 34DD breasts,you will find me a companion beyond parallels!
  • I can give sensual body-to-body massagesthat will drive you to the brink of sexual crescendo!
  • Taste Japanese eroticism and hospitalitywith me. I arrange the best of such amorous arrangements exclusively for you!



Akira Photos: A Japanese Escort

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